TC Electronic!!!

Good Morning!!! I’m really please to announce that I’m now using TC Electronic bass amps and cabs as my main live and recording rig. I knew TC had a faultless reputation when it came to studio gear and guitar effects but I had been reluctant to try out their bass stuff. Most lightweight bass amp’s I had used before we’re very scooped and didn’t have a natural flat responce and just sounded ‘lightweight'. I was touring with a band (1974) earlier this year and heard the BG250 in a guitar shop in Finland, I was really impressed with the quality of sound. So I looked into their other products and tried out a RH450 at Bass Direct. Its Awesome!! I’m now using the RH750 which is the nicest sounding bass amp I’ve ever heard and I’m using it with the RS210’s. The RS210 cabs sounds great too! Being able to edit and store your sounds is amazing and to control all that jazz via the FC4 is such a great feature.

Thanks TC!!

Happy Jimbo!!

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