Eggs and baskets.

As its easter I thought I'd write a quick eggs and baskets blog. Growing up I was told by so many people, especially teachers not to put all my eggs into one basket. "Keep your options open, do you know how hard it is to make a living as a musician?” That was pretty much the dripping tap of careers advice that I got from school. I had great teachers who were very nice and genuinely thought they were giving me good advice. I just saw it as people trying to make my dream a part time activity which probably made me more determined to run after it.

I fully understood that it would be tough and if I had other/easier options I would take them. At the time all I knew was that I was born to play music so that’s what I needed to do. I had no clue how deep the valleys would be. When people tell you it will be a struggle you don’t realise how horrible struggling is but I’m so glad I didn’t fall back on to something else as It was just growing pains, its part of life, its the only way we grow. I'm so glad that instead of going to the Job Centre I went to the Princes Trust and got a loan to start my bass playing business.

If you have a dream, follow it, put all your eggs into that basket and gaffa tape the lid shut. then enjoy the adventure.

Happy Easter

Jimmi Clarke

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