What Is Music Saying Today?

I'll struggle to go 30 minutes without thinking about music. Its always there like an old friend, inspiring me and challenging me. I’ve spent most of my life loving the way music makes me feel but the question I’ve never really asked is what is music? What is this thing I love so much? What does it do? What is its purpose? As a musician its easy going from gig to gig and session to session thinking about playing well, did my part provide the song with what it needed, did I give the artist what they wanted, but what is the end game? What is the purpose of music?

When I break it down, I realise that music is actually a language. Throughout history music has always been used to deliver a message, whether its to blow the trumpet and declare battle or to strum a harp to declare love. Music is an amazing language that speaks to our soul in a way nothing else can. Without words we can be left feeling happy, sad, excited, scared, peaceful, agitated, angry or relaxed. We’ve all listened to music that has made us dance and made us cry. Film composers are often amazing at creating music that communicates these emotions.

So, if music is a language, what is its message? what is it saying? what does music today actually communicate?

The last few generations have been fortunate to have their sound. Technology has made it possible for singers, songwriters and musicians to be heard all over the planet but unfortunately in recent years it seems that we’re running out of things to say. Writers are paid to write songs that line up with corporate branding, marketing and projected sales. These things are robbing us of an authentic, real life, musical overflow of the heart.

So where does it go from here? Do we just sit back and be lightly entertained/robbed by the processed, fulfilling the brand, junk food music that serves a purpose or do we stand up and say ‘Hey I’m a person, a real human who wants to hear music in all its glory!’

So writers can you please start writing for and from the heart?

Labels, managers and anyone else producing music, its gone too far, we don't want music that meets tagets, its not a product like the iphone that can be copied and rehashed by every other company, its an art, and I want music restored back to the beauitful sound of one heart that speaks to another.


Jimmi Clarke

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